Athena PR propels emerging companies and established businesses into the limelight.

When you employ a PR agency many expect instant fame or media coverage the minute you sign on the dotted line.  Louise doesn’t believe in ‘fluffy PR’ and would be the first person to tell you if she feels your company isn’t ready to go to market.  Athena PR wouldn’t launch a company unless she is 100% sure the concept will work and if there aren’t enough value propositions (unique selling points), Athena PR will identify them, create a strategic plan and allow the business to be where she and you believe it should be.

Recent clients have included International TV presenters, charting musicians, and actors who have found breaking into their industry challenging due to lack of foundations. 

Once Athena PR has re-evaluated the foundations of your brand and looked at your social media presence, online touchpoints, and means of exposure, then Athena PR will take you to market.

Are you really ready? 

Is your company really moving with the times? 

Is your website, social media and general understanding of a vision for your business in a place where you can confidently say ‘I’m trying all I can’?. 

Have you got a value proposition? 

And actually…. who are you and what makes you different?

With Athena PR you will get a clearer understanding of what your company is all about and you won’t have to worry about sourcing website or social media experts or brand identity companies, or in fact anything.  Athena PR will get your where you need to go with her cherry picked team, and that is:    

“Maximising awareness and increasing revenue”

Louise has worked in-house with corporate companies, marketing and PR agencies for years so knows the good and bad and the ugly – so ultimately she knows ‘what not to do’.